September 30, 2014

Tim Holtz Mini Distress Ink Haul

Evening :) I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far. Today I have a haul from Scrapbook Warehouse. This is by far one of my favorite places to shop for scrapbooking supplies online. The haul includes the complete collection of Tim Holtz Mini Distress Inks. I put up a video on my youtube channel that includes some current updates as well as this haul.

for those of you that so not watch Youtube here are some details... 

For a very long time (since they were released) I fought the urge to purchase these, and I finally broke down and took the plunge, lol. I do have several of the full sized pads, but between the cost and the storage space needed to store them, I decided the minis where a better was to go. Plus they are super cute, how can you say no? :) 

One of the big selling points for me was the cute storage tins that hold the ink pads as well as the fact that the blending foams, used with the blending tool, fit perfectly under each ink pad. Now I no longer have to go crazy trying to find extra storage space for all those little loose foam pieces, since I like to have one designated foam for each color. I tried double stick taping them to the underneath side of the regular size distress ink pads, and it was not working out well for me.  This is so much more convenient.

I also have a few updates:

 - My May 2014 Project Life Page share will be posted to Youtube in a couple of days

 - I am working on the Scrapbook Q&A Video that I was tagged in. I wasn't able to film it while I was away.

- One Happy Mail Video is coming soon to my Youtube Channel

- Several Haul videos are coming soon to my Youtube channel showcasing Halloween items

- Several Giveaways are coming soon to my Youtube Channel

- Each week in October a new Project Life Share video will be up (June, July, August and September. By the end of October I should be all caught up.

Stay tuned for all the fun!!! See you all again soon!

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