December 20, 2010

Exciting News & A Christmas Card !

I have some very exciting news that I have been wanting to share, and today I can finally spill the beans lol. I am now a proud member of the Squigglefly Design Team!!! This is so exciting for me and I am looking so forward to all the fun and excitement. I hope you guys join in the fun as well.

If you are not familiar with Squigglefly, click HERE to check them out. Here are just a couple of great features that Squigglefly offers...

  • When you sign up for Squigglefly rewards it keeps track of your purchases and for every $15.00 you spend you earn a free image! You can redeem the free image whenever you want.
  • Squigglefly doesn't let your download links expire! this is important because if your computer crashes, contact Squigglefly with your email address and they send your download links so you can retrieve all the images you have purchased from them!
I also created this Christmas card using the Best Buds image that I thought was just adorbale. My Design Team obligations start in January, but I just couldn't help myself.

I created the sentiment on my computer. I hope you guys like, and thank you so much for visiting. Stay tuned as there is a lot more fun stuff in store.

Challenges will begin on January 10th and I hope you all decide to come play along with us. Want to join in the fun? You can use any Squigglefly image to participate. Head on over to the shop, or check out our freebies so you can play along too!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!

December 19, 2010

Stay Tuned......

I have some really exciting news!!! Please come back tomorrow on December 20th and I will spill the beans lol :)

There will be lots of fun and exciting things that will be happening and I can't wait to share!

Stay tuned...