September 27, 2014

SSS Copic Coloring For Card Markers Class Update

In a last minute sort of way, I decided to take Simon Says Stamps Copic Coloring For Cardmakers Class (say that 10 times fast, lol).  We are on Day 4, so I thought It would be fun to share my practice sheets. In just 4 days my coloring has dramatically improved,  and I have this class to thank for it. This is my first time taking this sort of class, and it will not be the last. I regret not doing these online classes sooner. So here are days 1-4...

DAY 1: Blending Basics

This was a super fun first day of class. There were 5 videos and it was just let it all out!! The idea was just to get to coloring and start blending. Though I have been using copics for awhile now, there are still things to be learned. I even discovered a few new color combinations that I love. 

Here are the new color combos I have discovered just from practicing on Day 1.  I love the way these colors blend.  In the color combination to the right I combined 3 colors from 3 different color families (a method usually frowned upon), but this class has taught me that it's okay to do that, and opens the door for so much more...

DAY 2: Blending Tricks

This session was super fun. We learned that in case you do not have a midtone marker (when using a lighter and darker marker) you can use the tip to tip method. Touching your lighter copic to the tip of a darker copic to make a midtone color. Very cool. I love the coloring on the second bird. SO SO fun and different.

 DAY 3: Get More Mileage Out of Your Markers

This was my favorite day of classes. We learned that you can shade with Gray to fill in for markers you may have missing. I actually LOVE this more than uisng the 3 marker color technique. Check out my practice sheets to see how cool this is...

This is an example using yellows and adding in a C2 gray marker to shade. I just think it's more realistic looking and I'll be using this technique on a go forward! 

DAY 4:  Turning on the Lights

This was probably the class I dreaded the most. Shading with Copics depending on the light source or direction of light source. This is my weakest area in copic coloring, but this class really helped me get over my fear. 

This is the light source coming from the left.

 And this is a more directional or center light focus. 


We also learned about 'flicking' your marker to make whispy lines, but that didn't go down so well for me. I'm going to have to continue with practice on that technique. 
Overall I just love the class so far and I have learned to just 'let go' with my Copics and relax and not be afraid to try something new. I can not recommend this class enough.  The cost of the class is 35$ USD and for what you get, it is a real steal. The great thing - it's not too late. You can watch the daily videos at your own pace and they are available for a lifetime once you sign up.  You can watch them at any time. You also get access to all the practice sheets and discount codes too! 

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned more more class updates coming soon!!! 

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