August 4, 2010

CHA Chicago Video!

Hi Guys,

I finally got a lil video together from CHA. I had a blast and it was an awesome experience. I went for both Friday and Saturday (the Supershow) and so glad I did - there was a LOT to see. A lot of amazing things. There also was a LOT of walking hehehhe. I was exhausted after each day. I usually don't sleep well in Hotels and I was out cold each night HA.

I loved the Flower Soft Display. I got to sit and play with bowls and bowls of it and it's really amazing stuff. You will see me start incorporating it from here on out. I love it.

Cricut was neat :) The new Imagine is pretty impressive in action, and I had fun watching the Demos.

MFT was a great stop. I had a hard time deciding what to get without putting myself in the poor house LOL!! The only regret I had was I was hesitant on the rolled flower die-namic and when I went to finally get it - IT WAS SOLD OUT ----akkkkk lol.

I also enjoyed meeting Robyn and Carly from The Pink Stamper was so fun. They are so friendly and funny! I took her class and it was so much fun. Thanks to both of them for an awesome experience in the class.

But, My favorite stop was Taylored Expressions. I got to meet the DT group and I have to say they were the most genuine friendly women I ever met. They were all so sweet and so helpful. I also got to meet Sankari from the DT team and she was beyond lovely. She didn't hesitate to give me a big ole hug :) I felt like I was meeting a superstar lol. I actually got tears as I worship her work and it was so overwhelming to meet her face to face. Thank you Sankari for being such a pleasure to meet!

I threw together all my photos and made them into a video. I hope you guys enjoy it. Also, keep an eye out: my next post will be pictures of all that I bought.


Crabby Cakes Studio said...

I loved your video clip! Love the music you used! Rockin!!!!

Sankari W. said...

YOU SOOOOO ROCK!!! what an awesome video and that music had me dancin' and groovin' over here!!! You guys look like you had such an amazing trip - wow!!!
:) Oh it was sooo absolutely fabulous to meet you - you are simply beyond sweet! I can't even tell you how much you totally brightened my day with your post - I feel beyond honored to be mentioned in your post and wish I could reach through the screen to give you a big hug!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! Sending you big big hugs!!!
Hope you are having a beautiful day!
Sankari :)))))))))))

Donna said...

what a fun video! I am not the least bit surprised about the TE being your favorite-weren't the decorations the best too?(too bad I wasn't there to meet you this time *sad) Sankari IS the sweetest, we got to meet at Anaheim CHA.

Karen Motz said...

Your video is awesome!!! I wish i could go back again right now!!!!!!!! Thanks for putting those great memories together!

Karen Motz said...

Oh, I forgot to ask...what was the music playing in the video...LOVED it! I was bopping in my chair.

Rainey Day Creations said...

Hey, I sat next to you at the workshop! I bought stamps from Taylored Expressions too. Great music.