March 9, 2012

Fun Friday YNS - Making Planter Stakes

Today I have a super fun project for those gardeners like myself out there! And a great tip on how to use your Fancy Frame Die set to create them.

This is the time of year when I start planting up my vegetables for Spring. I start my seeds indoors, grow them for 2 months and then plant them outdoors come May when they are strong enough. 

Using the Your Next Stamp Fancy Frame Die Set - I created these... 

 This way I can easily identify my seedlings and make sure I am giving each the proper care before I plant them outside. 

On the back of the Planter Markers, I either have added the variety that I planted, or left the tag blank so I can write in when I planted them and the variety name.

It makes planting seeds to create seedlings indoor a breeze.

If you are wanting to use these tags outside, you can simply laminate them to weather proof them. I will do so to mine once I move my plants outdoors and place them in there permanent planters.

These where so much fun to make. There are so many options once you get started. The hardest thing will be deciding how many you want to make lol.

I will be making at least 10 more of these for the remainder of my pots that I have started indoors.

Now in case you are not a gardener, have no fear. You can use these labels anywhere in your home. You can label jars, containers, shoe boxes, storage boxes and on and on. The possibilities are endless. 
Use that Fancy Frame for labeling just about anything!

Thanks for visiting today! :)

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Jenny said...

LOVE!!!!!! These are so very cute! I can't wait to try this out:):)