February 24, 2012

YNS Fun Friday - Stamp Storage

Hey Guys,

Today for Fun Friday I created the following card using Flower Fhiona.

I used SC373 for my layout. I added a little St. Patrick's Day twist to this card. Her original hair clips where hearts so I re-stamp the image and cut out a few extra hearts, and changed them into shamrocks :) 

I added tons of Stickles as always.

I also used the sentiment that came with this set. I love all sentiments that have the dream theme in them.

Today's tip is to show you guys how I store my Your Next Stamp Sets.  I purchased these boxes at The Container Store. 

 I absolutely love these boxes. They are so convenient and can be used for so many different supplies. Then when you place them in your storage shelves, desk etc, they look good!

The YNS Stamp Sets fit in just PERFECTLY. 

My large sets are placed into sandwich size Ziplock Bags. 

Then, I just fold under the extra piece. The smaller sets are placed in 4x6 protective photo pockets. I cut them down slightly to make a better fit. 

I lay the large sets across the top and the smaller sets along the bottom. It really does fit perfectly. I can stack 6 or 7 sets in each pile. That's a good 50 sets in just one box :) 

I have tried so many methods of storage, including binders, and this works best for me. I can easy flip threw the stacks and see exactly what I have. It makes it so easy to pick a set to use.  i hope you guys enjoyed today's post. What is your favorite form of storage? - I would love to hear about it. Leave it in the comments below.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Friday!

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