March 29, 2012

Fun Friday YNS - Making Chipboard Buttons

It's another fabulous Fun Friday with Your Next Stamp.
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For today's card I used the new Dress Up Fhiona Stamp and Die set. This set is amazing and so fun to use. I love doing cards that have bee's, so I was thrilled when I realized this set allows you to create a bee. 

I used my Cricut Expressions and Critters Cartridge to create the Bee Hive. How cute is that - eppp!!! I also used Stickles for the wings and rhinestones for the antenna. I incorporated cork board for my background. I love using this medium on card making. It has such an awesome natural look.

My sentiment is computer generated. I used Boston Traffic font, which I downloaded for free online. Just Google 'Free Fonts' and there are several sites that offer free font options you can add to Word. The options are endless.

I added my sentiment on a piece of Vellum (remember that stuff lol). I always struggled with how to use Vellum best, and I love it for sentiment flags. This way you can still see threw it and not disturb the integrity of the desogn on your card. 

I did not have a black button for my project, so I created this one with chipboard. 

SCROLL DOWN to see my Tutorial on how this is done.


Making a Button from Chipboard Tutorial
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Step 1 Take any existing piece of chipboard regardless of the size. Choose any size and shape nestibility that you want your button to be and place it cutting side down. I had a larger round piece of chipboard, (which was too big for a button), and I chose the smallest size nestibility circle. Tape down your die which helps to hold the die in place, so when you run it through your Die Cutting machine, it will not slip and move on you.


 STEP 2:  Most Die Cutting machines will not cut all the way through, I just needed the indent from the die.  If you can get it to cut all the way through, skip this step. My Chipboard was extremely thick. I used my heavy duty scissors and I cut all the way around.

At this point you can take a fine grit sandpaper and sand around the cut edges to smooth things off. I did not so this, but next time I will.

STEP 3:  Use whatever sharp object you have to create two holes. You may also do a four hole button pattern as well.  


STEP 4: Using a 100 Black Copics Marker you can proceed to color the button. You may do this with the marker itself, or if you have the Copics airbrush system use that. Use double sided tape to to hold the button down so it does not move while coloring.


This is the air compressor that I use for my Copics airbrush system. Kelly purchased this for me at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon. I love it, and works perfect for the small amounts of airbrushing needed for making cards, and YES it's orange like the rest of my craft room lol.

STEP 4: Using tweezers, hold the wet painted button and use your 100 Black Copic Marker to color the free edge.


STEP 5:  Allow the button to dry and decorate as you like. 

Finally Results! 

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