July 6, 2010

Christmas in July ! and first time ever using a Sewing Machine

Hi everyone!

The first part of my post is a BIG BIG thank you to KelliJo over at SCS. I currently collect Anya stamps from the Greeting Farm, and the only stamp I did not have is the Elf Anya. I wasn't stamping when it first came out, and I was in NY caring for a very sick Mom who was recovering from surgery when it was re-released for Christmas of 2009. I missed it both times, and I was sure I would never see this beauty in my stamp collection ever. Out of pure desperation (haha) I posted on SCS, and KelliJo sent me the stamp and asked for nothing in return. How amazing is that!!!! It seriously brought tears to my eyes. The kindness involved in an act like this is beyond words. So I had to ink it up right away. With it being the 4th I was too busy with family - so I have been wanting so badly to use it, and I finally did today - YAY for me :)

Today the card I created for Farm Fresh Friday at the Greeting Farms :) The challenge this week is to SEW..akkkk. For those of you that know my Cards, also know that I do not Sew - not even a little bit lol. I understand the challenge says you can faux sew, but it got me thinking. I purchased a sewing machine about a year ago, but I haven't ever used it. I also have NEVER used a sewing machine in my life before. Well this challenge got me pretty determined to try and so after several hours of wrestling with my new machine lol - I did!!!

Here is my first sewing card, and the first time I have ever used a sewing machine in my life...

I think it came out incredible for my first time ever sewing, and I have been walking around beaming about it all day LOL!!!

Hope ou guess enjoyed this one :) Thank you so much for visiting and sharing in my very proud moment!

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~*Joni said...

Deeeeeeee! Hi my long lost friend! So sorry I haven't stopped by recently, we are entertaining my ILs. First off, WELCOME BACK! I've missed you! :D And how funny that the day I pop in to see you, you happen to mention one of my all time fave buds from WA state - KJ is the biggest sweetheart EVER!! Her personality is just as amazing, I love her! Congrats on getting Elf Anya, and WOWZA to your stitching! Eek! I think you should win this week's FFF challenge - what a way to make your comeback. ;) HUGS and loves to youuuuu - I will be back regularly!