May 20, 2009

A New Use for my Cricut Expression :)

My Boyfriend came up with a great idea on another use for my Cricut Expression. He thought it would be neat if I labeled my Container Garden Pots so I knew what was in each without having to use tags (that usually always disappear somehow). I matched them to my new deck cushions (which you can see a lil of in my second picture)

Check it out. Here are a couple of pics

If you want to see the rest just head on over to my Container Garden Blog


Thanks for looking!

EDIT: The deck needs to be stained so badly so I'm hoping to convince my boyfriend to add it to the 'honey do' list for this summer LOL!!!


Wendy said...

Dee! I want to do some container gardening! How about you come to Ohio and help me!? :) Great idea, btw! This idea is perfect for me since I have a black thumb. Maybe if I label my plants I'll be less likely to kill them. :)

Dee said...

HI Wendy! :) I have never planted anything before in my life hehehehe so this is just a trial to see if I can actually STOP killing helpless plants myslef...I'm going to give it a try since it seems so fun! I figured the same thing - Maybe if I label them they will be less likely to die LOL!!!!

Tenia Nelson said...

Very cool idea!!!