April 27, 2009

A lil update and some news :)

I'm feeling better today :) I was down and out for a bit, but back to feeling somehwhat normal again...Yippeeeee....The Doc visit this past Friday did me good.

Now for some News. Dustin Pike has a bunch more new digi stamps up again (as of Friday)!!!! I'm a bit behind but catching up fast lol. I LOVE Dustin's work. If you haven't seen it yet, take a swing by his BLOG. The man is a genuis, and has some awesome new and fresh images. They are adorbale and a must see!

For those of you that are still anti-Digi Stamp, (as I once started), he offers free images every Wednesday. Take a look threw his blog history and download one and give it a shot. How can you argue with FREE :) I myself never thought I would like them, and now I'm hooked lol. I will eventually have all his images at one point or another. Also if your STILL against them - he has a rubber stamp line coming out soon which is AWESOME news. Hopefully I will have some new cards up soon in the next day or two using one of his images now that I'm on the comeback trail :)

Also he announces his new DT on May 3rd. The deadline to apply is the 30th (so you still have time). Talk about anxious and excited??!!! I did apply and I'm crossing my fingers (a lot) on this one lol. I can't imagine how cool it would be to be on his Design team, (considering they are my fav Digi's). Well I will be sure to report back here when he decides. If you can and it's not too much to ask for, please send some extra special lucky wishes this way :)

Happy Monday all!


~*Joni said...

Pssst - hey Dee! Did you know that you are on Dustin's fave blog list? Check his sidebar hunny - what an honor!!!

Dee said...

I noticed a lil bit ago and OMG that is such an honor for me you have no idea. I was speechless by it and it really made my day seeing it. Thanks for the heads up Joni - HUGS YA!!!

Valerie said...

I have just come across him today and I LOVE LOVE his work! I purchased 4 images and downloaded a bunch of the freebies eeeep! now to get to my room and CREATE!!!