June 6, 2011

SCF101 - What holiday is it?

Hi :)

Today we have a GREAT new Challenge going on at the Squigglefly Challenge Blog, today called 'What Holiday is it'?....Use an image for any holiday, but make it a card for a different holiday than it was intended. What an awesome challenge, so different than I'm used to. I enjoyed it so much - this one really gets you thinking. 

Here is my card I created...

My poor Halloween pumpkins think it's Halloween, BUT it's the 4th of July lol. I have to say this card took on a mind of it own. I wanted it really simple, but as I put it together it just got outta control lol! 

What an awesome challenge! The flag in the lower left hand of the card was made from scraps. It was really simple. I just cut some scraps to make the stripes, and used mini white buttons and rhinestones to make the stars.  Easily put together in a few minutes.

I hope you all join us for the challenge. This one is a fun one :) 

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Holly said...

I love how you thought outside the box on this one. It really makes a fun 4th of July card. Your extra embellishments are all wonderful!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You've totally rocked out this challenge with your Halloween image and your patriotic colors!! I love it!! ;)

JD said...

So cute! I agree with Holly's post...you really can think outside the box. Very nicely done!