November 17, 2010

a small project

Hi everyone!!

I know it's been a long time since I have posted, but I have an extremely CRAZY Holiday Job that is going to keep me occupied til January. I won't be going anywhere as I have some awesome announcements coming in 2011 - I'm so excited!!!

Today I wanted to share a small project I just completed. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with LUSH. It's an awesome place where you can purchase bath bombs, bubble bars and so much more. It's all handmade items and I have been hooked for some time now. I can no longer take a bath with plain ole clear water anymore lol. I need my pink sparkly scented water and my bubbles!!! If you want to check them out you can at They will provide you with an awesome bath experience you will never forget.

Well since there are so many products to try, I wanted to create a notebook where I can list each item I have tried, and if I liked it or not. I altered a plain ole composition book. This is a super cheap and super easy way to make a cute gift. I got my notebook at the Dollar Store for 1$, and I believe during Back to School time you can find them even cheaper than 1$.

Here is the book BEFORE :)

and this is after I altered it :)

I'm really pleased how cute it turned out. I copied the company logo on my photo copier so I could transfer it to cardstock. I then used green and yellow stickles to add some bling! I used an old Fiskers border punch and added blingy Rhinestones to it as well. Now I have a bath time journal that I can record all my thought in!

Here is a close up.

Thanks for visiting and I'm hoping to pop out some Christmas cards before it's too late lol. I also hope for those that celebrate it, A very HAPPY and Fruitful Thanksgiving.


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