June 11, 2009

NEW RELEASES and Saturday Challange Sneak Peek at MSB...

Hi Guys,

This is a message brought to you by AUTOPOST BOT Dee lol. Today is the day ...THE NEW RELEASES!!!! Please scroll down and see the preview I posted yesterday of BBQ Momma :) Make sure you get your shopping gear ready and head on over to the MSB Blog and check out all the new images. If by chance the new images are not showing up yet on the blog - they will by this afternoon so check back! Most new releases occur after 1PM :)

Also, this weeks MSB Saturday challenge will be super fun. The challenge is brought to you by our super talented Crystal. If you have not checked out her blog please do so (link in right side bar). Her coloring skills are out of this world!!! The Challenge this week was to make a card that fits in a #10 size envelope. This was a REAL challenge for me and it was way outside my comfort zone. Since I'm a creature of habit and love making 5x5 an 6x6 cards, I bit my nails a few times on this one hehehe. Gotta love a challenge that really gets you thinking and working!

BUT........ you can't see the image just yet :) Here is a lil peek. I'm sorry it's so blurry but I think you get the idea. I have to say, to date, this is my fav MSB image. If you are like me and like to color you will LOVE this image. Come back tomorrow and I will be able to show you the entire card and image :)

Thanks for visiting and a new auto post should pop up again soon lol. Hope you have fun with all the new releases today at MSB!

HUGZ - Dee :)

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