April 20, 2012

Fun Friday YNS - Think Outside the Box

Today is another Fun Friday with Your Next Stamp!

Today my tip is to think outside of the box (or maybe on the box ? lol) and use laminating for your projects. I purchased my laminating machine at Walmart for 25$ and I love it. I can now expand my horizons and create things that can be for outdoor use. Laminating protects your images and projects, and allows them to stand up to the weather. 

I purchased this awesome birdhouse at Lowes last week for $9. It's made of 100% cedar and very well built.  I'm an avid backyard bird watcher and I have many birdhouses. My 8 acre yard is a certified Wildlife Habitat registered with the National Wildlife Federation, so I encourage the birds to stay permanently once they visit. Each year I add new items to my yard, and this is a new addition for this spring. Of course I had to spruce it up a bit lol.

I left the front plain. I felt adding to the front may discourage the birds from setting up house there if they smelt something with a plastic covering, so I decorated the back instead. This will be hanging in a tree so the back will be very visible as well. 

Here is the now newly decorated back. I figured if I 'welcomed' the birds, maybe I would get lucky and someone will set up house in it this spring. I'm hoping the birds can read :)

   I used the Fhiona's Pet Bird for this. This was so fun to make!  We also have several other BIRD STAMPS that could be used as well or for similar projects. My new birdhouse looks awesome hanging in a tree.

Don't forget, think outside the box and utilize laminating to weather proof your projects! My birdhouse sustained a serious rain storm the other night, and looked fine when I inspected it the next day.

A very cute female Downy Woodpecker visiting one of my Suet Feeders.

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Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

This is such a FUN idea Diana! TFS!