February 12, 2010

Planning on a comeback :)

Hi Everyone,

It's been so long since I have been here and I'm very sorry to my followers. I have had a crazy last several months (4 to be exact) and things had totally fallen off track for me. My Significant Other lost his Mom and since then I haven't been able to get it together. WELL now I'm planning a comeback.

My desk area is a bit of a mess (A REAL MESS lol), but it's on my task list for this weekend!! I plan on organizing things better and I'm excited about getting back into it!

I traveled to New York see my parents in December and decided I needed my stuffs!!! :) I finally have all my supplies for Card Making and Scarpbooking in one place ...ahhhhh, but it's piled in boxes and my desk looks like someone lost there cookies on it (hehehehe). By the end of this weekend it will be spotless. I thought it would be fun to post before and after pictures so I'm hoping to have those up by the end of the weekend.

Slowly getting back on track and hoping to have more fun stuff posted soon :)


~*Joni said...

Oh Dee I can't wait for your comeback! Contact me...if you want some stuff to design with. ;)

Sharon said...

I have stumbled upon this blog after visiting Dustin Pikes's blog and I can not wait for your comeback now! I looked further into yout blog and have thoroughly enjoyed your cards. Very artistic and definitely an inspiration to me : )